Hi, I am Stewart Reading-Brown.

I am a Worthing based landscape and wildlife photographer and I love to spend a bit of time behind the camera, capturing the beauty of what is around us.

I grew up along the south coast of England until my late teens when I chose to move to North Wales and Chester where I remained for about 4 years before the call of the south coast lured me back. I live in a small seaside town called Worthing, and living here brings a fantastic advantage to enjoy the gorgeous coastline and the rolling hills of the South Downs, as well as having great links to many places around me. It means I am a little spoilt when it comes to settling on a scene on a regular basis, finding places to build my statement portfolio and truly stand out.

I live with my wife and son. I adore them both and the support they provide me to reach my goals and further pursue photography. They are my world and I love them both so much.

I hope you find my collection of photographs immersive and beautiful. I hope they make you feel warm and amazed, and I hope you love them enough to have one for yourself.

Take care.