Ollie's Story

2 years ago, Ollie ended up in Great Ormond Street Hospital after a devastating accident left him fighting for his life. 2 weeks after his 1st birthday, Ollie swallowed a button battery which caused catastrophic damage and burns to his Trachea (wind pipe) and Oesophagus (food pipe). 

During his time in hospital he underwent a dozen surgeries and procedures to remove the battery, explore and determine the extent of his injuries, including a heart wrenching 6 hour reconstructive surgery.

Ollie had a very tough journey ahead of him and there were many hurdles along the way; to the point where there was a very real possibility that Ollie would not survive. His parents were warned that Ollie could die before reaching theatre.

The Long Journey Ahead

Ollie had to spend a lot of time in medically anaesthetised in order to protect his life and allow his body to heal, but during the moments when he was awake, Ollie continued to smiled and giggled his way through despite the pain he was so obviously in. This little boy was showing the world that he was a fighter meant to be here.

Ollie’s family were informed that his immediate recovery following reconstructive surgery to repair the communicating holes in this trachea and oesophagus was expected to take weeks and months; that this is would not be a short haul recovery and there would still still likely to be hurdles for Ollie to jump before he can return home where he belonged. 


The journey has been very long and incredibly tough, but thanks to his tenacity and the love and strength of his family and their friends, Ollie is recovering. But his journey and story do not end here. He will spend many years under the care of Great Ormond Street ensuring he continues to grow into a strong and healthy boy.

Without Southampton PICU and GOSH, Ollie would not have survived. They worked tirelessly and selflessly to make sure that Ollie saw every next day. I know that his parents are grateful and thankful, and feel they could never do enough to repay them for allowing their little boy to continue living. They arranged a charity football match in 2017 with the aim to raise as much money as they can for both SPICU and GOSH.

Raising Money

2018 saw a second charity event, this time bigger than the first, with stalls from small local businesses, face painting, a live band as well as special appearance from Belle, not forgetting the football match. In spite of the rain that plagued the day the event was an even bigger success than the first and the Lennons were only more than happy to produce a cheque to both hospitals.

This year the plan is in place, and the charity event is happening again with hopes to give even more money to both SPICU and GOSH.

I would love to see some of you head down for a great day filled with fun activities and entertainment, or even to cheer the guys who run themselves up and down the football field that day. You can get more information through their Facebook page HERE, and why not take a look at some of the photos from last years event on the special gallery setup HERE.

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